Trinity of Awesome!


If you’re at all interested in mature, rules-light roleplaying with an old-school vibe, I encourage you to check out the Trinity of Awesome! kickstarter currently ongoing with Kort’thalis Publishing.

For a measly three dollars you can have three complete adventures, one for each of Kort’thalis’ major core games:

Crimson Dragon Slayer– Weird fantasy (with an ’80s kick)
The Outer Presence– Lovecraftian pulp action (with a default ’70s setting)
Alpha Blue– Sleazy space opera (like every bad sci-movie you’ve loved)

I’ll have more to say about Crimson Dragon Slayer– both the original game and the ‘one hour’ revision– in the weeks ahead, as I’m using these rules for my play-by-post campaign that I’m calling Shattered Land: Adventures in the Age of Beasts.  For now, I’ll just say that the author works hard on these titles and does a good job of supporting them with supplementary material, which isn’t always the case with small publishers.  These games can be unabashedly raunchy, and might well be offensive to some, but I believe that there’s room for this sort of thing in the big tent of roleplaying.

So if you’re a fan of Crimson Dragon Slayer, The Outer Presence or Alpha Blue– or if you’re just interested in minimalist, RP-first rules systems or maybe incorporating some adult themes into your roleplaying– then do have a look at the Trinity of Awesome! kickstarter.  The core games are good too!



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