Sora of the Shattered Land


NAME: Sora, of Yuji’s Family                 SEX: Female

CLASS: Sorceress                                      MIGHT: 8/8

NARRATIVE: Sora is a plains girl taken by raiders. She’s a born survivor with a quick, clever mind who has been trained in the domestic arts both menial and pleasurable.

LANGUAGES: Plainsman, Lakelander

EQUIPMENT: Bear pelt traveling cloak

EXPERIENCE: 5 (0 Avail.)                      TREASURE: 0


Sora has become a fledgling Grey Maiden– a slave-priestess of the Grey Order and an avatar of the Grey Lady of Pleasure and Pain (5 XP)


She was taken with her mother when she was 10. Her mother died three years later. She is seventeen now and a subtle beauty beneath the grime of service, with thick blue-black hair and almondine eyes that are dark but show flecks of gold on close inspection. At fifteen, she was introduced to the art of service as a pleasure slave, when her master’s son took an interest in her. He spent a year training her to his own tastes but when he left to raid a year later and never returned, she didn’t miss him overmuch.

The arrival of Yuwen Blue-Eyes and the thing that possessed him changed Sora’s life forever. After being impregnated by the demon Mag-Sothorin, That Which Breeds, Sora betrayed Yuwen and assisted the Grey Warden Alaric in destroying both Blue-Eyes and the monstrosity inside him. In order to purify her body and prevent the birth of Yuwen’s spawn, Sora offered herself to the service of the Grey Lady: a cult goddess of pleasure and pain. Through a ritual, Sora first channeled the Lady’s power and drove out the beast in her own womb.

Taken away from her owner by Alaric, Sora now begins her life as a Grey Maiden– a priestess of the Grey Order and an avatar of the Lady that order serves.


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