Alaric, Grey Warden


NAME: Alaric                                        SEX: Male

CLASS: Adventurer                             MIGHT: 10/10

NARRATIVE:  A farmer’s son turned brigand, captured by fellow Lakelanders and sold to the Grey Order for favors.  There he studies the art of domination, and how best to channel his rage.

LANGUAGES: Lakelander

EQUIPMENT: Ring mail vest, sword, whip, grey traveling cloak w/ Grey Order pin, satchel, riding horse, survival supplies

EXPERIENCE: 5                                   TREASURE: 15 SP in Kiriyan coins

NOTES: Large and muscular. Dark red hair, long and braided on the left, shaved on the right with the runic brand of a thief scored into the flesh of the head.  Facial stubble. Grey eyes.


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